Sunday, May 16, 2010


I was unable to post any new the blogs for the past few weeks b/c of excruciating back pain, but I have returned and my first blog is going to be about making homemade lotion. Well, almost homemade lotion. I love lotion, it might be one of my FAVE toiletries. I personally like scented lotion, but I know some have scent related allergies and some are allergic to certain fragrance and essential oils. This recipe is going to be GREAT for those with or without allergies.
First thing you’ll want to do is head over to your local Dollar Store (yep dollar store) and purchase either baby lotion or whatever lotion they have available. If you have sensitive skin only purchase baby lotion.
Next head over to the grocery store (yep the grocery store) and pick out your fave oil. You can use Olive oil, Coconut oil,Safflower oil, grape seed oil......the list is endless (if you have nut allergies do not use a nut oil i.e. peanut oil..). The type of oil you use depends on your skin type and desired feel you want.
Oh and while you’re there do not forget the cornstarch, unless you already have some in your kitchen cabinets. You will only need a small pinch of this. Cornstarch will make your lotion feel smooth and silky...NOT oily and tacky.
I know you’re probably thinking huh...???What is she talking about...??? Don’t worry, trust me...I know what I’m doing.

Your ingredients will be as follows :
one cup baby lotion
2 tablespoons of your fave oil
a pinch or 2 of cornstarch
you can add extract or 15-20 drops fragrance/essential oils-optional

As far as supplies you will need a clean uncluttered work area, a clean mixing bowl, measuring cups and measuring spoons, a wooden or plastic spoon, a spatula, electric mixer or hand whisk and paper towels (just in case you make a mess).

The first thing you will do is make sure you have ALL of your supplies and ingredients in front of you or at least within reach. Next measure a cup of baby or dollar store lotion and put it in your mixing bowl, use your spatula to make sure you get every drop out of your measuring cup. Next get your oil and grab your measuring spoon and add 2 tablespoons to your mixture. Now
it’s time to get your electric mixer and mix for about 30 seconds, if you have a hand whisk mix for about 45-60 seconds now add a pinch or two of cornstarch and scent (scent is optional) and continue mixing until well blended.
Next pour into your container. As far as containers go, use your imagination, almost everything is a potential container. Just look around. Just a few ideas are empty Play-doh containers, jelly jars, baby food containerrs, empty glue bottles, empty spice jars......if you need more ideas..don’t worry I will be doing an article on “Reduce Reuse Recycle”. I’ll provide you with so many helpful ideas you’ll think twice before tossing away that empty maple syrup bottle;0)
Ok, anyway fill your container (if your container has a small neck vs. a wide mouth jar, just warm the mixture slightly in the microwave, using 20 second increments until it runs smoothly into your bottle).
And thats it...VIOLA......You have just made “Almost Homemade Body Lotion”.....I will soon post my recipe for Almost Homemade Handcream & Shower Gels.
Although these are not the recipes I use for my products over at Strawberry Tops Spa Shoppe (STSS). These are very frugal and fun recipes to make. It will surely give your little ones something to do on the next rainy weekend.
Just remember to have FUN....this recipe is what works for me and my skin may want more oil or less you may not want the silk finish feeling the cornstarch gives it, feel free to omit that. Add herbs, lavender dust, rosemary water, rubbed sage or clove. Your possibilities are endless. There are no rules when you do it yourself.
WOW...I really had fun with you guys. Please come back and please follow me there will be more recipes to come and send me a convo if you want to ask a question or just chat....
Thanks again guys,
creator of STSS

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