Thursday, June 24, 2010

Meditation For Inner Peace

This is a great meditation, deep breathing and cleansing exercise for clearing your mind and clearing negative energy. This works BEST if you are alone and water must be falling on you. ....either in the shower or in your backyard on a rainy day.
Items needed:

Your voice (a soft whisper)
Good Intentions

What to do:
Stand directly under the water. Letting the water fall on you from the top of your head (or looking up into the water and letting it splash on your face works great also). When you are completely wet from the falling water, say in a strong whisper.

Magickal waters that fall from above
Cleanse me of hate and fill me with love
I desire to posses no negativity
Just a positive demeanor should flow from within me
So Mote It Be!!

Repeat this as many times as necessary. Visualize the water cleansing you of all the negative vibes and as the water flows off of you imagine all negativity flowing off with it.

Feel free to tweak and change the words around to suit your needs and purpose...
Blessed Be

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Meditation Chant to Release Positive Energy

Chant For Concentration

Items needed:
Your voice (can be spoken loudly or in a whisper)
Vanilla incense
White votive candle
(colors and scents are optional)-Vanilla is my fave scent and holds a special meaning to me and white represents purity and honorable intentions. But use what yo need to represent you and your intentions-

Light candle & Incense. Inhale and exhale slowly while sitting with perfect posture (NO SLOUCHING). Focus on the relaxing smell of your incense and the hypnotic flicker of your candle. Do not look away from candle until you are fully relaxed (this can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes). When you are ready say:

Pull out the energy within me
which is sleeping
Slow moving on a task
is cause for weeping
My energy and intellect
is under a slow spell
Remove the rock
from under which it dwells
So Mote It Be!!

(visulaize picking up a heavy rock/object and tossing it far away, never to return and releasing your energy...)

Repeat as many times as necessary.
This works anytime of day or night.
If you have true and good intentions this will work without candles and incense, they just represent a focal point.......